Company’s history and purpose

Voigt has operated on the Polish market since 1992. Voigts's history has been running parallel to the development of the market for the professional cleaning products in our country. We can boldly state that we were in a small group of companies which pioneered the development, and creation, of awareness of our market to the importance of using professional cleaning products.

Voigt is a company with tradition, the combination of production, technological and management experience allows for the everyday strengthening of its market position. Our products are appreciated and used not only in Poland, but also in many other European countries. Through a well-developed distribution network we are able to reach every customer. Apart from a widely developed logistics centres in our country, we have Business Partners in Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Germany.

Voigt owes its success to manufacturing products based on its own, unique formulas. In our laboratories we make great efforts to develop new solutions to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. The research we carry out enables for the application of active substances in optimal concentrations, ensuring full synergy of all components involved.
All products manufactured by our company have gained all relevant attestations and approvals required and have also rec...
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Agent for washing and cleaning surfaces and devices resistant for acids activity.


Especially recommended for kitchen-rooms. Ideal for refrigerators, freezers, cooling counters, slicers etc. Efficiently removes dirt, remains of soap and stains. Agent neutralizes unpleasant scents. It is recommended to dilute the concentrate with a ratio of 1:200 to 1:400 (25÷50 ml of the agent for 10  litres of water).

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