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KRS: 0000093897
The value of initial share capital:  1 501 464,00 PLN
NIP: 626-000-47-36


Tel./fax. + 48 32 272 25 73
Tel. + 48 32 272 39 17

Sales Department
Director: Jacek Bednarczyk
Tel.: + 48 32/ 375 02 10, E-mail:

Sales Department Horeca
Director: Jakub Klewaniec
Tel.: + 48 32/ 272 81 76, E-mail:

Department Training, Audit, Service
Chief SAS: Tomasz Zarzycki
Tel.: + 48 32/ 273 89 26, E-mail:

Marketing Department
Director: Szymon Cesarz
Tel.: + 48 32/ 375 02 20, E-mail:

Technological Department
Chief Technologist:  Tomasz Pacan
Tel.: + 48 32/ 375 02 91, E-mail:


Export Department
Sales Export Manager: Piotr Sikora
Tel.: +48 795 506 267, E-mail:


Accounting Department
Director: Aleksandra Jaskóła
Tel.: + 48 32/ 375 02 21




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An acidic compound for thorough cleaning of sanitary rooms and equipment.
A concentrate for thorough cleaning of sanitary rooms and equipment. Recommended for cleaning acid-resistant surfaces. Effectively removes persistent grime, i.e. rust, scale, limescale, cement, lime and urine deposits as well as dirt, grease and soap residues. Particularly recommended for cleaning toilet bowls, urinals, bidets and sinks. The Anti-Stone technology delays limescale deposition and makes subsequent cleaning easier. It eliminates odours and leaves a pleasant fragrance in the rooms. Do not use on enamelled, glass, plastic or rubber surfaces, and do not apply by spraying.
Depending on the degree of staining of the surface, 2 to 10% solutions are recommended (from 200 to 1000 ml of the agent per 10 l of water). Spread the solution on the cleaned surface with a sponge or piece of cloth, leave it for a while and then thoroughly rinse away with water. In case of severe staining, use higher concentrations of the working solution or use the concentrate.

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