Quality Policy

To operate in accordance with the needs and expectations of Customers – it is the briefest description of the principles on which the enterprise of our company is based, as well as to guarantee further development and success on the market. A long-standing experience in the production and distribution of cleaning and room hygiene products makes it possible to achieve a high standard of our products. The assurance of the highest quality, both in the production area and the customer contact area, is a basic element of all the processes carried out by our company.

The application of new solutions, regular assessments and verifications of our suppliers, matching the quality of our products with customer requirements and meeting deadlines makes it possible to detect sources of possible flaws and allows us to eliminate them as early as possible. The satisfaction of our every customer is a necessary condition for the permanent success of the company and helps to maintain the opinion that we are a trustworthy business partner.


Our obligation for the constant improvement of the quality of our products and processes has been verified and confirmed by the Company’s Board of Directors:
The Board of Directors of Voigt Sp. z o.o. certifies that the Quality Policy is comprehensible, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organisation and the appropriate resources have been assured for its implementation so that all employees can fully participate in reaching the highest quality possible. This guarantee of our reliability in the area of quality is an ongoing and constantly improving Quality System in line with ISO 9011:2008 norm.



A low-foam concentrate intended for all water and acid resistant floors.


Especially recommended for ceramic tiles and stone floors resistant to acids. It is effective even in short contact, successfully removing severe staining from microporous and non-slip floors. Thanks to biotechnology, the agent contains live bacteria cultures which produce enzymes and support the cleaning process. Recommended for gres tiles. The nanotechnology delays dirt deposition and facilitates further cleaning. Effectively dissolves limescale deposits, rust and cement residues. It leaves a fresh and intense fragrance in cleaned rooms.


Thorough washing: 1 + 3% (100 - 300 ml of the agent for 10  litres of water).

Washing the current: 0,1 - 0,5% (10 - 50 ml of the agent for 10  litres of water).

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