Alcohol agent for cleaning glazed surfaces.


Concentrated agent for cleaning glazed surfaces, including glass and porcelain objects. Effectively removes dirt, dust and grease, and prevents deposition of limescale. Creates a delicate sheen on the surface being cleaned. The Anti-Fingerprint technology additionally protects the surfaces from undesired fingerprints and handprints. Thanks to the Anti-Stone technology, the preparation leaves no sediment, smudges or streaks. Particularly recommended for ceramic floors, tiles and glazing. Leaves a pleasant, fresh fragrance in the room.


Depending on how stained the surface is, use a 0.5% to 2% solution (from 50 to 200 ml of the agent per 10 l of water). Use higher solution concentrations for strong staining. Does not require wiping dry or polishing.

Packaging: 1l, 10l, pH: 8/*/10

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