A cleaning agent for spits, ovens and grates


Concentrated agent with a high pH level for removing burnt, greasy and protein dirt from various surfaces and objects resistant to alkaline cleaners. Especially effective in cleaning barbecues, ovens, spits, grates and the heating plates of gas stoves. Recommended for cleaning fireplace glass and removing soot from heating stoves. Does not damage enamelled surfaces.


Depending on the degree of staining of the surface, 5 to 30% solutions are recommended (from 150 to 1000 ml of the agent per 3 l of water). In the case of long-term staining, do not dilute the concentrate. Higher temperatures and soaking of the surfaces makes cleaning easier. The cleaned surfaces need to be thoroughly rinsed with clean water

Packaging: 1l, 10l, pH: 12/13/*

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