Agent for thorough cleaning of hard floors.
Concentrated agent for removal of heavy stains. Perfectly removes all stains from water-resistant surfaces. Thanks to the deep pore penetration capability and excellent dirt transportation properties it is ideal for cleaning rough microporous surfaces (gres). Effectively removes even the most ingrained, old dirt and well-adhered stains. The product is suitable for both mechanical and manual cleaning. It can be utilised for general cleaning and everyday maintenance cleaning. Low-foaming product. The preparation has a pleasant fragrance.
General cleaning: use a 5% to 15% solution (from 500 to 1500 ml of the agent per 10 l of water). Pour an appropriate amount of the cleaning solution, thoroughly scrub with a brush or sponge and thoroughly extract by suction. Wash with clean, cold water and extract by suction. The minimum duration of the cleaning solution’s activity is 5 minutes. Maintenance cleaning: prepare a 1% to 5% solution (from 100 to 500 ml of the agent per 10 l of water). Utilise 2-step wet cleaning with a scrubbing-suction device or clean manually. Note: Do not use in combination with warm or hot water!

Packaging: 10l pH: 12/*/14

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