Agent for thorough cleaning of heavily stained surfaces, stripper.
Concentrated alkaline agent with improved effectiveness for thorough cleaning of heavily stained floors and alkali-resistant surfaces. Effectively removes old dirt, grease, polishes and polymer layers - stripper. Particularly recommended for floor preparation before the application of polymers. Low-foaming agent, can be used in cleaning machines. Leaves a pleasant fragrance in the room. Note: before use, make sure that the surface has sufficient colour fastness.
Depending on how stained the surface is, use a 5% to 10% solution (from 500 ml to 1 l of the agent per 10 l of water). For removing polymer layers, the use of a 10% to 30% solution (from 1 ml to 3 l of the agent per 10 l of water) is recommended. First, soak the surface with the prepared solution and leave it for several minutes. For old or difficult to remove stains, use a brush or a pad. Next, collect the grime and neutralise the floor with clean water.

Packaging: 1l, 10l, pH: 10/*/12

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