A modern, fragranced floor cleaning and care agent.
Concentrated, antistatic cleaning agent for cleaning water-resistant surfaces. Has an invigorating, cherry fragrance. Particularly recommended for cleaning marble, glazed tiles, ceramics, PVC and other plastic surfaces. Thanks to the alcohol content, the product evaporates quickly, leaving the cleaned surfaces with a delicate shine and no smudges or patches. The modern nanotechnology protects the cleaned surfaces from grime and makes future cleaning easier.
For both manual and mechanical cleaning, solutions from 0.5 to 1.5% (from 50 to 150 ml of the agent per 10 L of water) are recommended. In case of severe staining, use higher concentrations of the solution. The cleaned surface requires no washing, wiping dry or polishing.

Packaging: 1l, 10l, pH: 7/*/9

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