An acidic compound for thorough cleaning of sanitary rooms and equipment.
A concentrate for thorough cleaning of sanitary rooms and equipment. Recommended for cleaning acid-resistant surfaces. Effectively removes persistent grime, i.e. rust, scale, limescale, cement, lime and urine deposits as well as dirt, grease and soap residues. Particularly recommended for cleaning toilet bowls, urinals, bidets and sinks. The Anti-Stone technology delays limescale deposition and makes subsequent cleaning easier. It eliminates odours and leaves a pleasant fragrance in the rooms. Do not use on enamelled, glass, plastic or rubber surfaces, and do not apply by spraying.
Depending on the degree of staining of the surface, 2 to 10% solutions are recommended (from 200 to 1000 ml of the agent per 10 l of water). Spread the solution on the cleaned surface with a sponge or piece of cloth, leave it for a while and then thoroughly rinse away with water. In case of severe staining, use higher concentrations of the working solution or use the concentrate.

Packaging: 1l, 10l, 5l, pH: 0/*/1

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