Antibacterial cleaning agent, odour neutraliser.


Liquid antibacterial preparation with an antibacterial spectrum of activity for all water-resistant surfaces, decomposing harmful hydrosulfuric acids generated in decay processes. Eliminates unpleasant odours and replaces them with a citrus fragrance. Dissolves fats, oils, waxes and proteins. Removes printing inks. Recommended for use in kitchens, slaughterhouses, hotels, restaurants and canteens. Can be used in wastewater treatment plants, landfills, refuse container sheds and stationary toilets. The preparation eliminates the burnt food odour.


Recommended concentrations: cleaning floors in kitchens and slaughterhouses 10% (1 l of the agent per 10 l of water), cleaning floors in toilets 2% (200 ml of the agent per 10 l of water), refuse container sheds and landfills 1% (100 ml of the agent per 10 l of water), wastewater treatment plants 0.001% (10 ml of the agent per 1000 l of water). When sprayed, 1 l of the preparation is enough for approximately 400 m2. For antibacterial activity, apply a 2% (200 ml of the agent per 10 l of water) solution to the surfaces, wait for 5 minutes and wash with plenty of water. Prepare the solution directly before use. Wash disinfected surfaces with potable water. Cleaned surfaces may be used directly after the disinfection process. The rooms where cleaning of surfaces is performed do not require ventilation.

Packaging: 1l, 5l, pH: 6/*/8

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