Keeping in mind the importance of quality, cleanliness and safety in catering facilities, we have developed a professional range of products for kitchen usage.  

The quantity of products and their useful applications have been selected after consultations with restaurant owners, catering facilities' chefs and catering equipment suppliers. We can offer you some fantastic products divided into 6 groups; dishwashing, cooking grease removal, counter cleaning, freezer cleaning and disinfection. A colour coded system on the packaging label and a clear drawing ensures that the product is easily identifiable for its optimum and most suitable usage. Along with these products we can supply you with dosing systems. They will have an impact on work safety, increase the quality of services and optimise the amount of a products used. We will organise staff training so that your personnel will gain the knowledge on the general principles of cleanliness keeping and customer satisfaction. Using VOIGT products from the GastroLine range we can  guarantee that cleanliness and efficiency will become permanent characteristics in your kitchen.

We inwest in your futureSlaskie.