Environmentally friendly concentrated formula for cleaning of bathrooms and lavatories, bathroom fittings, shower cabins and acrylic or enamelled bath tubs.


Suitable for cleaning of spa areas, saunas and poolside floors and areas. Intended for cleaning of surfaces and equipment resistant to acids, e.g. ceramic tiles, porcelain, chrome and acid-resistant steel. Effectively removes soap and scale stains, greasy grime and rusty stains. Leaves a fresh and pleasant odour after cleaning.

Recommended dilution:
- regular spray cleaning: 2-5% solution (12-30 ml of the concentrate per 0.6 l of water)
- washing solution for regular cleaning: 2-10% solution (20-100 ml of the concentrate per 0.6 l of water).

Packaging: 5l pH: 1/*/3

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