The cleanliness and hygiene of hotel rooms is a priority for every hotel, because it has such a decisive impact on customer satisfaction.

We have, exclusively developed a professional Hotel Service Line for you , which will meet the ever increasing demands related to keeping hotel rooms,guest houses and entire holiday resorts clean and hygienic. Our Hotel Service Line comprises 7 of the highest-class products available on the market. Among them there are products for cleaning, furniture, bathrooms, glass surfaces and high-grade stainless steel surfaces as well as products for stain removal, air fresheners and disinfectants. All of our products have been developed by our first class group of specialists based on research carried out in our laboratories along with our long-standing experience in the area of professional-use chemicals.  While creating the Hotel Service Line we took into account how to best to save time, while making sure that our product would still maximise the efficiency and facilitation of staff performance. We have come up with an innovative spray & wipe formula which guarantees instantaneous and effective application. All the products presented are direct use products and do not require any dilution. We have designed a colour coded system to enable a quicker and smoother choice of the most appropriate product for the best results . After product usage, surfaces and objects that have been cleaned will not require polishing. Each of our products have been carefully tested and have been approved for the market by the National Institute of Hygiene

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