Expert advice

Rozwi1. How to prepare a cleaning solution effectively?

The basis for the preparation of a good cleaning solution is the right concentration of the solution in water. The most reliable way of obtaining the right concentration is using the appropriate dosing systems and observing the recommendations on the product labels or the hygiene plans developed by our experts. The document showing the preparation of the appropriate solutions is the table of dilutions.  You can download it here. In order to correctly dilute the solution it is recommended to firstly pour it into a container and only then dilute it with water.

Rozwi2. Does the appropriate dosing of cleaning concentrates influence the efficiency of cleaning?

Having both too much and/or too little of the amount of the concentrate in the dilution will negatively affect the final result of cleaning. Too little of the concentration will result in the surface not being cleaned satisfactory, while if too much is used it will result in the creation of streaks and the faster absorption of dirt by the surfaces being cleaned. Proper dosing has the effect of not only heightening the effectiveness of cleaning, but also its efficiency because we use the optimal amount of the cleaning agent.

The proper dosing of the concentrates used is pro-ecological – we do not introduce excessive amounts of chemicals into the environment.

Rozwi3. What kind of water should be used for the preparation of solutions of cleaning concentrates?

Running tap water or water which comes from a different source is sufficient for the preparation of an effective cleaning solution. There may be problems with cleaning only when water is extremely hard or soft , however, such problems rarely occur and mainly concern washing in industrial washers. As for the temperature of the cleaning solution, it is not so important as it may seem in general cleaning. After the contact of a mop with the floor, the solution quickly cools down, so it is sufficient to prepare a solution at the ambient temperature (room temperature). The temperature of a solution is important only in the cases of when an agent is based on chloride. In that case, a hot, steaming solution may cause negative consequences which must be avoided. The preparation of a solution in warm water is recommended for the removal of greasy, charred dirt from ovens, barbecues or spits  because it is then easier to remove this kind of dirt. For the preparation of a solution of cleaning concentrate for window and glass surfaces cleaning, it is sometimes recommended to use distilled water. Because of this, we can avoid the creation of sediments resulting from water hardness.

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