Training, Audit, Service

The main task of a newly formed SAS team is to help customers with the practical implementation, and also with problem solving in the area of technology, of maintaining facility cleanliness.



We are one of the pioneering companies offering its customers practical and theoretical training in the area of maintaining professional cleanliness certified by the Polish Cleaning  Chamber of Commerce (Polska Izba Utrzymania Czystości). Training sessions are run by instructors accredited by the Polish Cleaning Chamber of Commerce.  
We treat each of our business partners individually, therefore while organising training sessions we take into account all customer needs along with their business profile. 
Participation in training sessions gives customers a chance to broaden their knowledge, not only concerning the range of products that can be used but also on the correct technology of cleaning. Our employees, during educational meetings, will give you advice about the various areas of maintaining cleanliness in facilities and on how to keep other places clean too.


Reduce the expenses connected with maintaining cleanliness in your company. Don’t wait, take a unique chance just now.
To select the best cleaning products and the optimal technology for maintaining cleanliness in a facility, we offer to carry out a detailed audit of cleanliness by our experts. After the audit has been performed, a detailed technological document, in the form of hygiene plans, will be developed, comprising such issues as:
- the ideal choice of cleaning products for the areas and surfaces in the facility and the kind of dirt which is found there,
- the selection of an effective cleaning technology depending upon the kind of dirt and its intensity,
- the selection of the appropriate cleaning accessories,
- setting the frequency of cleaning depending on the traffic intensity and other elements having an impact on dirt creation,
- advice and tips to facilitate the cleaning process.
We recommend that you adhere to the expert advice we provide and introduce programmes aimed at saving money. Remember, the implementation of even a few small changes may help you save substantial amounts spent on maintaining cleanliness. 


We offer you a professional service run by professional service providers. We deal not only with the installation and servicing of dosing systems but also, for long-term customers, we organise regular visits in order to improve the quality and technology of cleaning. We also assist by giving advice on the selection of the appropriate cleaning products and cleaning techniques most suitable to your individual needs. Service technicians have the necessary knowledge and equipment required for the efficient performance of the tasks set out for them. It will enable you to operate without unnecessary stoppages, which is particularly important, for instance, in the hotel and catering industry.
We feel responsible not only for the products we develop, but also for the technologies, equipment and systems implemented.


We inwest in your futureSlaskie.